Tellers J. Pollard III


About Tellers J. Pollard III

 Tellers is the Cofounder of Tellers Truss Realty. Originally from Prince Georges County Maryland, Tellers is a graduate of Ashford University Forbes school of business, where he achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. After serving as a Marine Corps Warrant Officer and 3 years on Marine Corps Recruiting Duty, Tellers developed a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. Real Estate is the largest transaction most individuals conduct their entire lives and he accepts the challenge of providing a superior client experience for all who strive to make it a reality. His professional experience allows him to have a keen understanding of time management, listening with purpose to understand your needs, relationship building, efficiency, and superior service that will be necessary in creating the most exceptional and memorable real estate experience of your life. Tellers is excited for you to achieve all that you desire and will work tirelessly to ensure you succeed. Tellers is a devoted husband and father of two beautiful children. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and going for runs with his dog Hazel.

NC License# 302726

    240 614 0599